Melbourne Bike Trails

Find off-road bike trails in Melbourne

About The Site

Welcome to Melbourne Bike Trails, a website for discovering recreational bike trails in Melbourne. Use the find location button in the lower right of the map to discover trails in your local area, then select a trail to find out more about it.

You can also view and download a compact transit-style map to get an overview of the trail network below.

Site Updates

You can find me on Twitter @melbbiketrails for a peek behind the scenes at upcoming features.

v0.1: Initial release, basic map features.
    v0.1.1: Interface tweaks.
v0.2: Information panel added for descriptions.
v0.3: Addition of mobile responsive site.
    v0.3.1: Interface tweaks.
v0.4: Find my location feature.
    v0.4.1: Adding schematic map.
    v0.4.2: Adding Google Bike layer.
    v0.4.3: Interface tweaks.
v0.5: Street view added, general bug fixes.
    v0.5.1: Bug fixes, transit map on sidebar, KML download.
v1.0: User interface overhaul, trail descriptions added.